About Me

Nic Venter

Welcome to the Going Mental site. I hope you can leave here with a little bit extra to get you through your day. My name is Nic Venter and I will be hosting you while you're around. I grew up in Johannesburg and was schooled at Grey College in Bloemfontein. After school I moved to the Western Cape to take on my studies and start a career. I am a qualified sport scientist and have a masters degree in psychology from Roehampton University, London. I use my academic background along with my career as a performance coach and my addiction to cool things to bring you all the latest info on health, nutrition, wellness and performance. I post weekly blogs about interesting things that may help you and my podcast will host only the most interesting people in the field of performance and health. I run a private business called Equip Sports and Wellness, which offers performance coaching, EQ development and health and wellness counselling. I have now moved back to Great Johannesburg with my right hand woman, Anna. Tune in to the website, blog or youtube channel, Going Mental, or find me on facebook and instagram under Nic Venter for the latest on health and performance. Cheers for now!